Across the Atlantic LP

by Simon Dwight

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Over the space and time of the last year Simon and Gabriel have worked on numerous versions of a variety of tracks.

This LP represents the BEST of all that material so far.

With new edits, editions and releases of these tracks here they hope to move onto a new 'Americana' inspired LP in the very near future... but then who knows.. the spirit moves as the wind...

This full length LP needs to be listened to as two separate sides, rather like an vinyl LP. It comes with an 'extra' track and an accompanying comprehensive pdf booklet for those download the whole LP.


released April 11, 2013

Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, harp and vocals played by Simon Dwight.

Except for drum, bass and other samples used by Van Gabriel.

All songs written by Simon Dwight, except 'Tanglewoods on Fire' written by Van Gabriel

All rights reserved.
Copyright Tide Music Productions 2013

Great Linford, Milton Keynes, England
Woodstock, New York, USA



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Long Hard Winter
Long Hard Winter

It's been months, months filled with days
Feeling like an old man, with old man wornout ways
Seeing grey dark skies, loaded with rain and cold
And all round me, this Long Hard Winter has taken hold.

But it's brought me to a new age, a new era, a new morn
With deep fresh breaths of air and warm water to wash every dawn
Sometimes the sun shines through the clouds, high above in the sky
As each day the new man is born a little more, and the old man begins to die
And I've changed, I've been rearranged
Oh I've changed, I've been rearranged

And patience is a way of life, patience is an end for worry and strife
Waiting around forever, for the next wave to come
The next gust of wind to blow
For pure water to rain down and make this sapling of a tree grow
This tree must grow

For it takes time to make a journey
It takes time to fall in love
Takes time to get to know someone
Time to glimpse heaven above
Even more time to become a man
Even more time, to change, be rearranged

It's been months, months filled with days
Feeling like an old man with old man ways
Seeing grey dark skies loaded with rain and cold
And all around me this Long Hard Winter has taken hold
And yeah I've changed, been rearranged
Track Name: Shot Down
Shot Down

All the things that this life teaches
Rules and regulations, tattered, shot to pieces,
Even the good, even the true, even the pure,
Every question, healing answers, even the cure
It lies around the earth I walk,
It inhabits the thoughts that I think, the speech that I talk
It steals the life, the air, even the view,
Everything that I thought I once knew

Turn on the TV, the adverts hit you
Like a shot of sippin' whiskey, 'Hey man, you want one too?'
Every corner, every street, every soul you meet,
Like chocolate, candy, cakes, things oh so sweet
It's under my feet,
It's workin' it's way to my head
It's in the clothes you wear,
In your mind when you lie in your bed

Money, £'s, Euro's, $'s, every currency
So much wealth and affluence, that your eye can see
You look at your neighbour, and you want what he's got
I tell you man, you're better off happy with your own lot
Chase the dream
It will steal your soul
You're better off living
Just to Rock 'n Roll

On another channel there's sex on my TV
I lie and I think of you and what you mean to me
I ought to tell you, I ought to sort it out
But my mind is dressed in rags
And I'm full of self doubt
I pray, I pray, I pray
For you, My God
To drive these blues away

Hey have you heard?
Have you been told?
There's a message that's so full, so full of gold
It's in your breathin', It's in your thinkin'
You don't need drugs, cigarettes, you can even quit drinkin'
Cos this whole world is gonna be taken apart at the seams
There is another way
Wilder than your wildest dreams.

All over this my beloved town
I'm lying here in pieces
I've been shot down
Shot down, gunned down
I'm lying here in pieces on the ground
Track Name: Avoiding Being Me
Avoiding Being Me

Hello, my friend, please step inside
This world I've found and lived in
For nigh on 40 years now
The highs, the lows, the glories, the sins

I spend a lot of time
Avoiding being me
Yeah, I spend a lot of time forgetting all the things that I've seen.

Come, walk with me for a while
As I show you the towers and the halls
Where voice in song has pierced and echoed
Through the years of time, those roaring falls

See the fresh gardens, bursting with colour
The flowers, the trees, the fields, the mountains
And breathe in the crisp air, fire in your lungs
And come upon the waterfall, the living fountains

Let us run, let us hide, let us seek, let us find
The True Soul, the Heartland, the Peak.
With blue sky, and new rain
Through soul-land, through heart pain

Towards the echoes of time, that walks on ahead
And drags us behind, the future looks chilling
But we've been offered a partnership by the Ancient of Days
We can accept or decline, a new life so thrilling....

I've awful lot of time... avoiding being me
Track Name: Underneath a Rising Sun
Underneath a Rising Sun

Stillness is around me as I write this simple song
The sky is blue and peaceful, the melody is strong
Sun shines a warmth upon me and I sense sea salt in the air
And I await your presence and a moment we will share

We sit amongst the sand dunes, we break the bread and wine
The stars grow in the heavens and the moon begins to shine
Beauty is erupting, exploding on my soul
And I hold you close by me, I've never been so whole

I give thanks to my Maker, for I know you are 'The One'
You filled a need within me and we expect a son
I write these words to celebrate the life that we've begun
So I give thanks for you darling, Underneath a Rising Sun