Movin' On (2013)

by Simon Dwight

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This LP was first recorded on a very simplistic set of digital devices.

Each of the tracks was recorded using two microphones set up for vocal and guitar. These were fed into a series of recorders and then to minidisc. The mastering was between a small mix console and a CD copier. It took hours, but was great fun.

With the advent of computers delivering a serious improvement kick to recording I was able to remaster the initial stems into more rounded and expanded forms. These are what you have here.

I wanted to keep the release to 'guitar and voice' as that was how it was originally intended to be. However it is not beyond thought that some of these songs would benefit from overdubs. Or, more precisely, re-recording using up to date processes that would allow their ideas and forms to expand into different aural experiences.

The lyrics will be available as a PDF document that can be obtained by request.

If you like what you hear then get in touch and let me know, I am always willing to receive contact!


released February 1, 2014

All songs written by Simon Dwight
Guitar and vocals by Simon Dwight

Recorded in West Molesey, Surrey 2003.
Remastered in Great Linford, Milton Keynes 2013

All rights reserved.
Copyright Tide Music Productions 2013



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Glad You're Back
You've been on your travels
To find yourself, to know
Deep down inside what makes you live and breathe
To understand all that you are

Whatever the future may hold
Whatever it may bring
In all that you say
In all you shout, in all that you sing

You got to know that
I'm glad you're back, I'm glad you're home
I'm glad you're OK

I'll always be around
I'll always be holding on
I'll always keep on travelling
I'll always follow the pathway of the sun

Yeah, I'm glad you're back
I'm glad your home
I'm glad that you're OK
Track Name: Shadow of Love
When your fingers
Have touched a fire
You can remember
The pain of burning that it causes

When your eyes
Have seen beauty
You can recall
It's peace as you close your eyes

When your thoughts
Fix themselves on another
They tie your hands behind your back
And expect you to stop living, stop breathing.

When your heart
Has felt the force of love
Your soul fears the crush
That vulnerable love causes.

That rents your mind
Sabotages your soul
Burns your dreams
And all around you find only
Death and sorrow

The shadow of love....

But with you here
I can live again
Feel free and just start breathing
Start aching, start burning
In the fire of love

I run, run, run, run away
From the shadows
Out of the darkness
I will flee the shadow of love.
Track Name: The River
Letting it all go by

Finding peace in the stream
Allowing my thoughts to dream
My body moves on
My heart, unattached, reacts
As it needs to
With sense, calmness
Understanding it's own life
Or at least
Acknowledging it's bondage
To the River
Only, ever, the River
Track Name: Heartbreak

There's a hundred thousand things that touch me
Some of them heal, some of them burn
There's about a hundred thousand things that move me
Most of them hurt, most of them turn
Me on, me off, turn me upside down and inside out
At the end of them all, I'm just left with me
On my own, solitary, me

So tell me, what things touch you?
Tell me, what things make you feel, hurt or heal?
Tell me, what things stir you?
What things, make you feel real?
How many memories can you live through without a tear falling from your eye?
How many photographs can you look at without feeling a sense of loss?
How many songs do I have to sing, that will heal, make me feel, real and new one more time?

A touch of Heartbreak
Makes your world ache, makes your soul shake
Makes the earth quake
Track Name: Sweet
Sound around me
Sound sweet, smell fresh
Like curtain shutting out the night
Like a towel drying away the cleansing tears
Like a cloak protecting me from evil
Like an embrace smothering me with affection

I wish for it
And I wish for it
And I wish it all away.

As my ears tingle with the wonder
Sweet, sweet sound
Sticking in my mouth
Swirling in my ears
Carry away my moods
Wash away my fears

And I wish for it
And I wish for it
And I wish it all away.

My ambition
My dream
My future
So close now
I could almost hold it
Touch it and kiss it
So I say now
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Please don't let me down
Don't let me down
I devote myself to you
Sweet, sweet music
Track Name: No Cure
I try to live on
I try to ignore
I try to falsify and deny
But I can't

The magic of the carpet ride
Is ended
And broken

Atlantis is wrecked
And I, alone
Walk alone amongst the ruins
Ruing the destruction
Surrounding me
Snaring me

As smoke billows
And I sense the smell of death
In my nostrils
Like Hiroshima
You detonated on me
In me
Around me
And left me, tormented
By my dream
And my memory.

As I stand and survey
I know no hope
I feel no faith
I see no future
There is no cure.
Track Name: Movin' On
That time has gone now
And it ain't ever coming back
Those days have flown off
There ain't no sense in looking back.

This journey of mine has taken me
Off the road and onto the mud track
Down by the railway line where we used to play
It's time to move on - no sense in lookin' back.

And I will keep on searchin'
I will keep on travellin'
Till the moon turns red
And the sun turns black.

For home is so close now
So close to me, it's true
And now I'm waitin'
Waitin' for you to renew my mind too.
Track Name: Memories Like Meadows
Meadows like Memories

I'm filled with them
Up to the top
Brimming over
Until they all come out
Exploding in a frantic melee
Of colours

Days gone past
And yet to come
Unhindered by the fetters
Of time
And the slow suicide
Of agonising guilt
Now that I've found you
Queen of my world

Running across fields
Jumping into rivers
Hitting balls into hedges
Watching the moon come up
And the sun go down
Buses, taxis
Cycles, cars
Journeys, distance
Separation, redemption
Newness, revelation
And I wait here in my meadows
For you to come and share
The days and nights of my life
The highs and lows of my colour
All that I am.

Setting fire
Breaking wood
Throwing stones
Chasing girls
Climbing trees
Playing music
Drinking young
making calls
Taking falls
Filling halls
Kicking balls
A front row in the stalls
All make me
All break me
But now I've found you
Someone to share it with
And remember with
And care with
And love.
Track Name: Can You Hear It?
Can You Hear It?

Can you hear it now?
Can you hear it now?
Can you hear the song
Playing on the radio?

Singing songs of peace
Singing songs of love
Singing songs of faith
Music fills the skies above.

Just hold out your hand
You'll feel the wind breath on you
Just listen with your heart
It will change all you are and all you do

Open up your heart
Open up your soul
Open up your mind
Be changed, be whole.

Can you hear it now?
Can you hear it now?
Can you hear the song
Playing on the radio
Of your soul?
Of your soul?