one: walk with me

by Simon Dwight

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This is a collection of demos and finished recordings from around 2005 to 2007.

I knew I had to make an effort to 'clear the decks' and 'draw a line' under some of these past works. If I wanted to move on then these works had to be released. So here they are; or at least some of them.

Listen and enjoy.


released May 3, 2012

All instruments programmed, played, cajoled, lovingly nurtured and recorded by Simon Dwight.
All tracks recorded, edited, engineered and mastered by Simon Dwight.

Great Linford, Milton Keynes May 2012



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Ocean of Love (Version 1)
Ocean of Love

As you see the land end
Your eyes will be amazed
By the sight that opens before them
As they focus on the view,
And the waves, and the sand
Will unroll their majesty
Like carpet at your feet
Waiting, inviting you to come
And take a step.

You will hear the sea in your ears
As waves crash and roll
Splash and turn, ocean burn
Piercing your heart
And capturing your soul
So you will feel the ice cold
Hand of refreshing water
Echo in the cavern of your mind.

And if you will, you can walk with me
Through the memory into the future
Walking, talking, trying to understand
All the things around, that trap and bind.
And each evening end, you can return
To the place where the heart is refreshed
To the clean pure scent of the great,
The unstoppable, steadfast ocean of love.
Track Name: I want to know
I want to know

I wait for you
In stillness here
I seek your face
In silence here

I want to know
What you want from me
I want to show
All the love in me
I want to see what you see in this soul

The Beatles sang
'Love me do' and 'She loves you'
And Elvis sang
'Suspicious Minds' and 'Heartbreak Hotel'
And chords will ring
Butterflies will flutterby and Byrds will sing
And I will sing
'Shine', 'Live Big' and 'Movin' On'
'Til Kingdom Come', 'Hard Rain will fall'
'Redemption Song' and 'Get it On'

And time will pass
And seasons come
And wind will blow
And storms will rage
But then ther's calm
And peace and stillness everywhere
And love and laughter
Once more will start
(And people will stop and stare)

And earth will burn
And Kingdoms rise
And Kingdoms fall
And Earth will turn
And God looks down
And sees man's heart
And gives his Son
And a brand new start

Water will flow
Down mountainside
Fresh stream of water
Fall and twist and slide
And wet my lips
And quench my thirst
And how I long
For eyes that see
And understand your mystery
Yes, eyes that see
And understand your mystery

I love your scent
I love your touch
I kiss your lips
I can't get enough
I wash your face
In warm clean water
I speak to you
And you listen
Track Name: Angelsong

And I can hear my Angel sing to me
And she does not sing loudly
Her wings wrapped around my body
Her face, her breathing against my skin
And her beauty echoes in a gay, merry song
Lift me up, lift me up
Raising me and binding my wounds
Bringing peace and joy and worth.

And I am born of spirit this day
Each and every day
Amen, Amen, Alleluia, Amen

And I can hear my Angel sing to me
I can hear the soft footfalls of her love
'Abide in me, and I shall abide in you
Awake O Sleeper and rise
Arise on wings of eagle dawn and soar'
Free to be a creature, to create creatures
Open to the wind of the Spirit
Of the Eternal Being, to Love
As One did before the Fall
And all the terrible echoes of the Fall
Heart song will sing
Life dance will dance
And all shall be new and all shall be healed a
And we will look upon the Angels who sing our songs.

And I am born of Spirit this day
Each and every day
Amen, Alleluia, Amen, Alleluia, Amen

And know the words, the words that write the story
Of our life, the story of our time, our journey
Onwards from the crossroads and through the woods
Over and under, the mountains and by the side of the Great River
Away from the corporate selling of words and thoughts
On and into the Divine
The essence, the soul, into the heart
Shot like an arrow upwards, towards the Sun

And I am born of Spirit this day
Each and every day
Amen, Hallelujah, Amen, Hallelujah, Amen
Track Name: Small Mind
Small Mind

I'm a small minded man
I'm closed up to new ideas and thoughts,
I live in a mental landscape with dead trees, leaves and compost heaps
Of love - I've known some sometime...
Of hope - that died with all my many teenage dreams...
Of faith - a well that's long since run dry

How can I open my eyes and see when I'm blind?
(And so many other people here are like me)
I guess, I have to content myself with the thought
That at least, I know I'm blind
And that I'm a small man with a real small mind

So where did it all change?
What happened to all those Big Dreams?
Where is the hope that I lived inside?
And where is the faith, the faith that purified?
And where is the love? Where, oh, where is the love?

It's on the inside,
On the inside
And I want to see the outside again...
Please, please
Roll back the Rock
Turn on the :Light, Spark up the Sun
It's time to stop and face the wind
Not turn on my madness, on my heals and run

And when the muse has gone - tell me where can you search?
Where can you turn? Hide? Run?
Tell, oh please tell me,
Who, who turned off the Sun?