two : new day dawns

by Simon Dwight

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An Amazing Journey

This release is a compilation of tracks that I have released on Soundcloud.

It represents something of a 'journey into sound', a rediscovering of a latent ability to write using the guitar, and a pen, to explain some of the things that speech denies me.

Thanks to everyone who commented and shared the journey. Some of the comments that were given by fellow SC musicians are in the liner notes of each individual track. Please do check out the notes.

An especially big thank you to Van Gabriel, Colin Crighton and especially Emma Shanley for her sublime vocal on 'You Got'.


released December 24, 2015

All songs written by Simon Dwight
Copyright Tide Music Productions 2015



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Waves (Version 3)

Tide comes rushing under my door
Washing, washing, wash my home clean
Ebb and flow all around me
Swirling and enclosing all that's seen.

The future is calling
Crying, shouting, longing
For new sun, fresh rain
Wind blow through my hair again.

Ebb and tide, flow river
Through me, cleanse and heal me
Ocean soak and bind me together
Once again as I swim, swim, swim
Away from it all.
Track Name: You Got (featuring Emma Shanley)
You Got
You got everything to live for
You got time on your side
You got the whole world to explore and cherish
You got morning sun and evening tide

You got white clouds and sunny skies
You got hail and rain
You got sandy beaches and parasols
But, you’re gonna have some love and pain

There’s stars up in the heavens
Pretty soon you’re gonna name them all
You got a solar system of planets to love
If you only listen for their call

So don’t you go a-worrying
Don’t you doubt or fear
Don’t you lose yourself to melancholy
Because hope is always near

You got films and books and TV shows
To admire and enjoy everyday
You got politicians and lifestyle debates
And if you want – you can have your own say.

You got love, devotion and holding hands
With someone who cares for you
You’re gonna grow old gracefully
Knowing that you bin knew!

You got Friday nights and Sunday mornings
The occasional glass of wine
Friends who will stand beside you
Pretty much most of the time

So don’t you go a-worrying
Don’t you doubt or fear
Don’t you lose yourself to melancholy
Because hope is always near

You got books and stories and poetry
You got influences of all kinds of stuff
You got music, old and new
You know – you just can’t get enough

You’re gonna walk out into the countryside
‘N brush your hair ‘til you’re grey
You’re gonna cycle and run after the midday sun
You know you’re gonna be OK

You got singing and playing the guitar
You got Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’
You got Youtube, Ebay and Facebook
While you listen to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’

So don’t you go a-worrying
Don’t you doubt or fear
Don’t you lose yourself to melancholy
Because hope is always near

©Simon Dwight 2012
Track Name: I Want to Know (2013)
I Want to Know

I wait for you in silence here
I seek your face in stillness here
I want to know what you want from me, I want to show all the love in me

The Beatles sang 'Love Me Do' and She Loves You'
And Elvis sang 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Heart break Hotel'
And chords will ring, butterflies will flutter by and Byrds will sing
And I will sing 'Shine', 'Live Big' and 'Movin' On', ' Til Kingdon Come', 'Hard Rain Will Fall', 'Redemption Song and 'Get It On'

Time will pass and seasons come and wind will blow and storms will rage
And there's calm and peace and silence everywhere,
And love and laughter will once more will start
And people will stop and stare

And earth will burn and kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall
And earth will turn and God looks down and sees man's heart
And gives his son and a brand new start

I want to know what you see in this soul.

And Water will flow down mountainside
Fresh streams of water will fall and twist and stride
And wet my lips and quench my thirst
And how I long for eyes see and understand your mystery

I love your scent, I love your touch
I kiss your lips, I can't get enough
I wash you face in warm clean water
I speak to you and you listen

I want to know what you want from me
I want to show all the love in me
I want to see what you see in this soul.

Copyright: Simon Dwight 2013
Track Name: I'm Waiting
I'm Waiting

I'm waiting
Just waiting
Sat thinking about nothing
I lie here dreaming
Dreaming about everything
and then there's you, and you, and you

And I'm waiting
Waiting for freedom to come
Waiting for healing
Waiting for freedom
Waiting for love
Waiting for that still small voice

Caress my soul
Run your fingers through
What's left of the hairs on my head
Tell me something new
Help me to believe
Help me to pray

Enlighten my mind
Illuminate my path
Make it all simple
The way, the truth and the light
I'm waiting
Just waiting here on love