Salt and Light

by Simon Dwight

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This album of songs has been specially put together using live tracks, demos, and recordings that have been waiting for some sort of respect to be paid to them.

It is released to coincide with Strummerfest and Bodfest 14 where I will be performing many of these songs live.

Any money that you can give for this album will be donated to the charity Katherine House Hospice that Strummerfest are supporting.


released July 10, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, mastered and mixed by Simon Dwight.

Licensed to Tide Recordings 2014

Photo courtesy of Min Oakes from the Strummer Room Project
Live radio show recordings courtesy of DJ Paul Readman



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Movin On' (Live)
That time has gone now
And it ain't ever coming back
Those days have flown off
There ain't no sense in looking back.

This journey of mine has taken me
Off the road and onto the mud track
Down by the railway line where we used to play
It's time to move on - no sense in lookin' back.

And I will keep on searchin'
I will keep on travellin'
Till the moon turns red
And the sun turns black.

For home is so close now
So close to me, it's true
And now I'm waitin'
Waitin' for you to renew my mind too.
Track Name: Salt and Light (original live demo)
Salt and Light

No signs of growth,
No new shoots peeking through
No journey to the far side,
No buds are born anew

Been in hibernation for such a long, long time
I’m waking to a new world and washing off the grime

I’m just trying to live
A little Salt and Light
Just trying to bring some taste
To the darkness of the night

Been in hibernation for such a long, long time
I’m waking to a new world and washing off the grime

And all my dreams keep twistin’
Like the lonesome windy way
And I’m hoping for a kingdom
And the dawn of a new day

I’ve wandered far and weary
With nowhere to rest my head
I’ve often stopped and wondered
Under the stars I will make my bed

And Patrick he saw through it
As his arms stretched towards the stars
And the world back then was empty
No cars, no bars, no guitars

Been in hibernation for such a long, long time
I’m peeling off the old skin,
Of the man who’s dead and gone
As the sunshine of this new world
Reveals the presence of the One.

©Simon Dwight 2013
Track Name: Big Idea
Big Idea
I got this BIG IDEA
Just could change the world someday
It costs very little - but I gotta say
Instead of keeping this - you got to give it away
Track Name: Heartbreak (Live)

There's a hundred thousand things that touch me
Some of them heal, some of them burn
There's about a hundred thousand things that move me
Most of them hurt, most of them turn
Me on, me off, turn me upside down and inside out
At the end of them all, I'm just left with me
On my own, solitary, me

So tell me, what things touch you?
Tell me, what things make you feel, hurt or heal?
Tell me, what things stir you?
What things, make you feel real?
How many memories can you live through without a tear falling from your eye?
How many photographs can you look at without feeling a sense of loss?
How many songs do I have to sing, that will heal, make me feel, real and new one more time?

A touch of Heartbreak
Makes your world ache, makes your soul shake
Makes the earth quake