Shot Down (single release)

by Simon Dwight

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Shot Down:
Story of this song: the world we face today and all it's perils.

Recording of this song.. had this track and vocal hanging about, and like I do, I couldn't go any further with it. So I say to Van.. 'Hey Van' have a shot at this one then.. Man, he did and this is the result.. a mega rich track, that is miles on from the rough thing I sent him. Thanks to VG once again. I'm blown away....

I'm Waiting:
Years ago I would rush to Woolworths with my pocket money or newspaper round money to buy the latest 7" Vinyl single by my favourite artist (often The Jam or some Weller related release). To have the sleeve, the plastic, and the sound was inspiring.. but then after the joy of playing the single that was destined for the heights of the charts I would flip it over for the second track release. the heavenly 'b' side. So that is what this is.. a 'b'side for 'Shot Down'.. an undiscovered rough stab in the dark at beauty that took a few minutes, and was a pleasure to do.. found on an old sheet of paper with the 'Shot Down' lyrics on the other side and a few pencilled chords.. Pick up the guitar, and the harp.. and play it 'live'.. one take.. warts 'n all.. so here is my throwaway 'b' side... 'I'm waiting'


released June 13, 2012

Guitars, harmonica, vocals : Simon Dwight
'Shot Down' (VG mix) production : Van Gabriel
'I'm Waiting' and 'Shot Down' (raw mix) : Simon Dwight

Written and recorded by Simon Dwight
Great Linford, Milton Keynes, June 2012



all rights reserved


Simon Dwight Milton Keynes, UK

It's all about the guitar.

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Track Name: Shot Down (Van Gabriel mix)
Shot Down

All the things that this life teaches
Rules and regulations, tattered, shot to pieces,
Even the good, even the true, even the pure,
Every question, healing answers, even the cure
It lies around the earth I walk,
It inhabits the thoughts that I think, the speech that I talk
It steals the life, the air, even the view,
Everything that I thought I once knew

Turn on the TV, the adverts hit you
Like a shot of sippin' whiskey, 'Hey man, you want one too?'
Every corner, every street, every soul you meet,
Like chocolate, candy, cakes, things oh so sweet
It's under my feet,
It's workin' it's way to my head
It's in the clothes you wear,
In your mind when you lie in your bed

Money, £'s, Euro's, $'s, every currency
So much wealth and affluence, that your eye can see
You look at your neighbour, and you want what he's got
I tell you man, you're better off happy with your own lot
Chase the dream
It will steal your soul
You're better off living
Just to Rock 'n Roll

On another channel there's sex on my TV
I lie and I think of you and what you mean to me
I ought to tell you, I ought to sort it out
But my mind is dressed in rags
And I'm full of self doubt
I pray, I pray, I pray
For you, My God
To drive these blues away

Hey have you heard?
Have you been told?
There's a message that's so full, so full of gold
It's in your breathin', It's in your thinkin'
You don't need drugs, cigarettes, you can even quit drinkin'
Cos this whole world is gonna be taken apart at the seams
There is another way
Wilder than your wildest dreams.

All over this my beloved town
I'm lying here in pieces
I've been shot down
Shot down, gunned down
I'm lying here in pieces on the ground
Track Name: I'm Waiting (live)
I'm Waiting

I'm waiting
Just waiting
Sat thinking about nothing
I lie here dreaming
Dreaming about everything
and then there's you, and you, and you

And I'm waiting
Waiting for freedom to come
Waiting for healing
Waiting for freedom
Waiting for love
Waiting for that still small voice

Caress my soul
Run your fingers through
What's left of the hairs on my head
Tell me something new
Help me to believe
Help me to pray

Enlighten my mind
Illuminate my path
Make it all simple
The way, the truth and the light
I'm waiting
Just waiting here on love